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Hey, superhero parents! Grab your capes, because today we’re diving into the world of
parenting styles, and it’s a wild, wonderful ride. Are you a helicopter, a free-range
enthusiast, or perhaps something entirely unique? Let’s uncover the parenting superhero
in you!

The Helicopter Hero:
Do you find yourself hovering over your little one, ready to swoop in at the first sign of
danger? Congratulations, you might be a “Helicopter Hero”! You’ve got eyes in the back
of your head, and you’re always prepared for any toddler-sized emergency. Your
superpower? Keeping your kid safe and sound, but remember, even superheroes need
a break now and then.

The Free-Range Explorer:
If you believe in the power of letting your child roam, explore, and maybe even eat dirt,
you’re a “Free-Range Explorer”! You’re the Indiana Jones of parents, and adventure is
your middle name. Your little explorer is learning independence and resilience, one
scraped knee at a time. Just keep the band-aids handy, and you’re good to go!

The Attachment Avenger:
Are you all about cuddles, baby-wearing, and creating a bond that’s stronger than
Spider-Man’s web? Welcome to the league of “Attachment Avengers”! You believe in the
superpower of love and connection, and your little sidekick is thriving because of it. Keep
those hugs coming; you’re building an unbreakable alliance!

The Tiger Titan:
For those who schedule playdates like battle plans and believe in the power of discipline,
you might be a “Tiger Titan”! Your expectations are high, and you’re committed to raising a mini superhero who can conquer anything. Just remember, even superheroes need
downtime and a little chaos once in a while.

The Laid-Back Luminary:
Is your parenting motto “keep calm and carry on”? If you’re not easily rattled by sticky
fingers, messy art projects, or unexpected detours, you’re a “Laid-Back Luminary”! Your
superpower is adaptability, and your little sidekicks are probably having a blast in your
carefree zone. Keep those cool vibes flowing!

The Hybrid Hero:
Now, for the versatile “Hybrid Heroes.” You’re the Batman of parenting, with a utility belt
packed full of styles and strategies. You adapt, mix, and match, knowing when to hover
and when to let go. You’re all about balance, and your little superhero appreciates your

In the grand saga of parenthood, there’s no one-size-fits-all cape. We’re all unique superheroes
with our own parenting superpowers. So, embrace your style, relish the quirks, and know that
every day, you’re shaping the world’s future heroes.

Whether you’re a helicopter, a free-range explorer, an attachment avenger, a tiger titan, a laid-
back luminary, or a hybrid hero, your love and dedication are shaping the next generation of
superheroes. And remember, even superheroes need their fellow parent heroes to save the day
now and then. So, cheers to all the parenting heroes out there, capes or no capes – you’re
doing an incredible job!

Tania Ryalls (US)
Tania Ryalls (US)
Brooklyn Global Prep is an overall outstanding learning environment for children. Our son is in the French Waddler class, and we have found his teachers to be caring and attentive, the classrooms and facilities to be beautiful and conducive to learning/exploring/creating, and the school community to be wonderful to be a part of. I have found that everyone goes above and beyond for the care of our children, and that school policies are clear and reasonable. Highly recommend!
Brittany Gudaitis
Brittany Gudaitis
BGP is simply the BEST! My daughter absolutely loves going to school here. Everything is top notch from the facilities to the staff to the activities to the curriculum. Can’t say enough great things about BGP!
Todd Condie
Todd Condie
Our child has adored her time here. Great teachers; great staff; great facilities.
Alina Jen
Alina Jen
My son started at Brooklyn Global Prep at 9 months old in the infant classroom where he has been exposed to French and Mandarin daily. It has been a very positive experience for our son and for my husband and I. I love the language immersion as well as ratio of the classrooms. Our son has made strives in his independence and achieving milestones. I am very happy with the care and our choice in choosing Brooklyn Global Prep.
erik sigala
erik sigala
We are so happy BGP came to the neighborhood! We started with Saturday classes for our 3 year old and quickly fell in love with the teachers, director and the space. Our infant just started in the baby room in November and we couldn't be happier! The school is so bright, clean and welcoming. We highly recommend them! Thanks BGP for loving our babies while we are at work. The Sigala family!
Zi Liang
Zi Liang
My son Benjamin goes to BGP's Mandarin class on Saturdays and he absolutely loves it! The environment is well-designed and beautiful. The teachers there are very caring and the classes are fun and creative. We appreciate how they encourage kids to explore different tools and toys there. Astara is very helpful and we are telling all of our friends about this magic place.
Jennifer Su
Jennifer Su
Honestly, my husband and I didn’t know what to expect because we have only had experience with in-home preschool settings. We were more than impressed with every classroom and the teachers were so friendly. The director Ms. Astara gave us a tour and answered all of our questions. We can't wait for the school to open so we can send our girls there!
Taylor Marino
Taylor Marino
My daughter went to Brooklyn Global Prep for the weekend activities and had the most amazing time! The classrooms are magical! I am so happy I have found a space like this for my daughter to learn (without even realizing she’s learning). She has talked about this school everyday and cannot wait to return. I travel from New Jersey for her to be apart of the weekend classes and love that she gets exposure to other languages and cultures such as French and Mandarin. I truly wish I could relocate to Brooklyn to enroll her in this school because I cannot imagine a better place for my daughter to spend her days. The classrooms are clean and filled with the most unique, state of the art equipment. The Director and staff members are all wonderful people who are genuinely there to provide the students with a quality education that is engaging and fun! If you live in Brooklyn this is the school you want your child to attend!

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