Programs We Provide

Children spend their day immersed in rich vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese or French, while our academic curriculum is presented by loving teachers in an interactive and engaging way. We partner with our students’ families and communities to foster a true love of language, culture, education and the arts to grow into global leaders of the next generation. 


Language rich, enchanting environment. Brooklyn Global Prep takes pride in partnering with parents during their children’s first school experience. We provide them with an outstanding infant program where our passion for nurturing and respecting our young ones is apparent. Our teachers extend both the trust and support needed for our infants to explore, learn and grow. Loving care and individualized attention are the cornerstone of our infant program. We have invested in the creation of beautifully appointed spaces for play where our educators have arranged safe, interactive environments for our infants. 

Here at Brooklyn Global Prep, your infant will not only receive an unparalleled amount of love, nurturing and individual attention, but they will also be surrounded with age-appropriate activities to maximize the development of important motor skills, sensory and thinking skills and language and social skills. Your infant will be immersed in French and Mandarin Chinese, and teachers work with each child in a series of stimulating activities that incorporate the natural routines of feeding and play. The teachers reinforce the babies’ development without disrupting their daily schedule. 

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Our waddler program is designed to harness the joy and excitement that accompanies learning to walk on two legs and exploring. Children develop language, an increased attention span, and greater physical capabilities in one fell swoop. Teachers in the Toddler room help children begin to become more independent by learning to feed themselves, drink from a cup, and when ready saying goodbye to their bottle. We introduce the Reggio approach, and our children are deeply and joyfully engaged in all aspects of the classroom.

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Our toddler children enjoy sensory play, art, music, science experiments, story time, block building, dramatic play, gardening and yoga. They love to handle and manipulate natural objects such as branches, pinecones, leaves, acorns, seashells, rocks, and flower petals. They are introduced to a school routine and structure at this age. Our Toddlers are supported throughout the day to learn self-help and independence skills, such as using the bathroom, dressing, and feeding themselves. Children are surrounded by interesting, relevant, and thought-provoking materials that spark creativity and prompt them to develop a vocabulary with which to communicate and ask questions.

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Little School

Beautiful minds inspire others”. “Les beaux esprits inspirent les autres” Our little school children are encouraged to make choices and give direction over their curriculum. We believe they are successful, competent and capable language learners. Encouraged to learn through experiences based on touching, moving, listening, observation and research. Children are respected as individuals and celebrated as they learn in their own unique way with the world around them.

We are proud to share our day with you with real-time photos, videos and updates anytime, anywhere. Brooklyn Global Prep ensures that families enrolled feel as close to their children as possible during school hours through Brightwheel, a groundbreaking software platform.

We provide a variety of innovative, language immersion experiences for our little learners. At the center of our curriculum is a deep commitment to developing true proficiency in French or Mandarin.  Children spend their day immersed in rich vocabulary and academic curriculum where bilingual education materials are presented in a fun and engaging way. Our activity-based Reggio curriculum stimulates imagination and draws children into the learning process by becoming involved in a fun and engaging way. We combine a deep commitment to emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and happiness in a creative academic setting featuring language immersion, problem solving, leadership, and collaboration.

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Pre K

Yǔyán zhīshì shì tōngwǎng zhìhuì de dàmén. “Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”

At the center of our program is a deep commitment to developing true proficiency in French or Mandarin.  A Reggio curriculum is fluid and organic and it emerges from the interests of children. In preschool, language skills expand rapidly as the children communicate in more complex compound sentences. Our curriculum in this class has a focus on written characters, correct stroke order, sentence writing, punctuation, and beginner reading. Multi-level learning is prominent in this class due to ongoing academic assessments, small group work and individual attention. With this magic combination, our language immersion students are achieving high levels of proficiency and aptitude in Mandarin Chinese and French.

Children are full of curiosity and creativity, and in a Reggio inspired classroom, these qualities are consistently emphasized. A Reggio-inspired curriculum is always flexible and will change based on the children’s ideas, thoughts and observations. For this reason, teachers in a Reggio inspired classroom do not follow a specific or fixed curriculum. Instead, they create an evolving learning environment that empowers students’ curiosity, exploration, and response. Children can pursue topics that interest them, while educators can facilitate that learning. Each Reggio Emilia classroom has certified teachers who are trained to customize learning based on the children’s unique needs and interests.

Specialty teachers deliver additional programming such as art, music & movement, language, culture and yoga on a weekly basis.

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In kindergarten, students continue to build content knowledge through a challenging, inquiry-based Reggio curriculum. Language skills expand rapidly at this level of bilingual education as the children communicate in more complex compound sentences and their vocabulary grows daily. Multi-level learning is prominent in this class due to ongoing academic assessments and individual attention. Students work collaboratively in small groups as well as whole class projects in addition to working one-on-one with a teacher to practice skills that are important for future academic growth. This enables us to develop active problem-solvers, to nurture independent thinkers, and to graduate curious young students who are not only capable of learning but who will want to keep learning for the rest of their lives.

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After School & Extracurricular

Our school offers a number of activity-based afternoon, weekend and summer programs that give preschoolers and school-age children (ages 3 to 12) the opportunity to learn and socialize in a Mandarin Chinese, French language immersion setting or our Reggio Art Programs.

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Summer Camp

Summer Programs: Our school offers a number of activity-based afternoon, weekend and summer programs that give preschoolers and school-age children the opportunity to learn and socialize in a Mandarin Chinese or French language immersion setting or in our Reggio Arts Program. 

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Private Party & Events

A place where anything and everything is possible through the power of the imagination. No packages here! At Brooklyn Global Prep we will work with you to customize the party of your dreams! Fun for all ages! Stop in to see our beautifully designed play space and let’s start planning!

Saturday and Sunday private party time slots:
10:00 am, 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm

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