We provide a variety of innovative, language immersion school experiences for our youngest learners. Brooklyn Global Prep is a unique, Reggio-inspired Language Immersion Preschool in the beautiful Oosten building located in the Williamsburg waterfront district, just one subway stop from Manhattan, seconds from the East River Ferry and right at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge. We provide a variety of innovative, language immersion school experiences for our youngest learners. Children spend their day immersed in rich vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese or French. While our academic curriculum is presented by loving native speaking teachers, in an interactive and engaging way.


Admissions is also looking for a shared educational philosophy between the school and the family.  We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your family in person to share our school’s true experience. Please contact us to schedule a private tour.

Admissions at Brooklyn Global Prep occurs on a rolling basis, with the highest enrolment periods being September and January. Because positions are highly sought after, we recommend getting on our waiting list.

We understand that finding just the right environment for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. That is why we provide the “Preschool Parent Checklist to help you better Identify a High Quality Preschool. Take this guide with you when you visit preschools on your radar so that you can easily compare and make the best decision for yourself and your child. Always remember – the best child care centers will encourage you to spend time in the classroom where your child will be. At Brooklyn Global Prep  it’s a requirement before you start in our program.

Tuition & Scholarships

For availability and tuition information, please contact [email protected]


We all know that quality education is a right for all children no matter your background or financial situation and scholarships and financial aid can be critical when enrolling your child in preschool. As their first education experience, families should be focused on creating a positive experience for their children without undue financial hardship. In order to best support our families and community, we offer two scholarships for our programs: 

  1. Financial Hardship Scholarship: Brooklyn Global Prep offers scholarships on an as needed basis for families who love our program but are unable to afford it. After your child is accepted into our program, please contact admissions to learn more about how to receive financial aid. 
  2. First Nationality Scholarship: Diversity is a priority in our school. To best serve our community, we offer a 20% scholarship for any student who represents a nationality or cultural background that is not represented yet in our school. 

School Year Calendar 2023-2024

Weekend Xiwang Art Classes

Educational Concept Of Xiwang Art

It is our hope that art education will use art to inspire wisdom, exercise children’s “three hearts and five powers”, use artistic expression to cultivate the knowledge and understanding of beauty, use creative teaching to enhance aesthetics and creativity, and use experiential communication to exercise Correct outlook on life and values. By enhancing aesthetics and shaping values, children can have a colorful life.

Three hearts: patience, carefulness, self-confidence

Five forces: imagination, observation, memory, thinking, aesthetics

Weekend Language Classes

Brooklyn Global Prep provides a weekend language immersion program to give children a taste of a new language in a fun, hands on engaging way.  All of our enrichment programs are open to children from other schools. Classes are carefully scheduled to group students by age and language proficiency. These enrichment classes are limited to ten students or fewer to ensure that every child receives the most interactive and enriching foreign language experience. Our gifted educators are native speakers with vast knowledge and experience in bilingual education as well as arts, math, and science integration.   

Safety & Security

To ensure the safety, security and well being of the children in our care, BGP has procedures and standards in place to cover pick-up and drop-off, visitors, equipment, furniture safety, and more. We have very specific procedures and requirements concerning cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs. These procedures are periodically reviewed and updated to make certain they reflect the most current safety and security technology and practices. We take very seriously the well-being of your child and work hard to provide an environment that is as healthy as possible. Our belief is that you can never be too careful when caring for children.

Download & View our Full Safety Guidelines Here